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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> "world news" is next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. breaking news tonight. the state of emergency just declared. emergency evacuations right now. the wildfires growing. and tonight, the new concern. possible record-breaking heat coming this weekend, coast to coast. 19 states, millions of americans now bracing for triple-digit heat. also breaking tonight, chilling surveillance now recovered from inside the nightclub. sources tell abc news it shows far more than what we've seen so far. cameras in multiple rooms, the gunman firing his assault style rifle, methodically going room to room. the alligator attack at disney, the 2-year-old boy. and tonight, pictures coming in now of the barriers going up and the new signs warning of alligators. the scare on stage. the famous singer collapsing in middle of his song, stunned fans, teams rushing to the
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stage. and america strong tonight. the surprise hiding in this bumble bee costume. the two boys who had no idea their dad, an army soldier, had come home. good evening and we begin tonight with breaking news. the state of emergency just declared as we come on. massive wildfires exploding in size and now much of this country, 19 states, bracing for triple-digit heat this weekend, all the way to the east coast. but in the west at this hour, this fire burning out of control in santa barbara, nearly quadrupling in size. hundreds of families have been told to get out. more than 1,200 firefighters battling the flames. and you can see there on the left, some forced to take cover behind their truck as the fire began to jump the road. meantime, as we head into the weekend heat alerts up already,
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stretching across many states. triple-digit heat reaches 120 degrees. where will it hit and when? first, abc's jim avila is on the scene where evacuations are under way. >> reporter: tonight, mandatory evacuations for hundreds as high winds and bone dry brush fueled the santa barbara county fire. burning to nearly four times its previous size in just 24 hours. this water cistern surrounded by firefighters into the night, destroyed by morning. a declaration of emergency bringing out hundreds of hand crews, air tankers, including converted passenger jets. that's a dc-10. helicopters and hot shot specialists on the ground. it's not just california. parts of the west could see their highest all-time temperatures by monday. in all, parts of 19 states, more than 70 million americans, under sweltering heat advisories. hydration essential. in memphis the heat index, 119. and in houston, tragedy.
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a 3-year-old boy slipped unnoticed into the family car parked at his house, dying of heat exposure. neighbor marlene gonzalez witnessed the anguish. >> heartbreaking because i have three kids of my own, and when i seen it, it was sad. >> reporter: in the east, powerful storms along the midatlantic knocking out power to thousands. david, the 1,200 firefighters working the lines on this blaze are beginning to get the upper hand, but the temperatures are still soaring. david? >> jim avila leading us off tonight. jim, thank you. as we said at the top, the heat will be felt coast to coast. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano live outside tonight. good evening. >> good evening. it's only going to get hotter especially out west, continued dry. and the winds will pick up. not good for the fire situation there. and if you work outside, look at these numbers. hydration is key. temperatures getting up and over 100 east of l.a. 120 plus in palm springs. that is all-time record stuff. in the plains, not as hot but
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humid. again, going to feel like over 100 degrees in dallas. some of this feeding into severe storms tonight across the deep south. these watch boxes up in the next couple hours. 70-mile-per-hour winds with the storms. be aware of that. if you live in the hot zone, this weekend, certainly keep that water bottle handy. david? >> great advice, thank you. we move to major new developments in the meantime in the terror in orlando. abc news has learned the fbi has now obtained surveillance video from inside the orlando night club. multiple cameras, chilling scenes. they have not released the video. but sources are describing what they have seen. the gunman moving from room to room. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas with what he's just learned. >> reporter: these chilling images, people struggling to survive the onslaught at the pulse nightclub, huddled together in the dark on the bathroom floor. >> stay with me, okay? >> reporter: but tonight we learn the fbi has obtained high quality security video, which captures the massacre in
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horrific detail. surveillance cameras showing multiple angles in different rooms, from the patio to the dance floor to the lounge, previously, the only glimpse we had of the massacre, this moment, amanda alvear recording those first gunshots. her last moments alive. in the surveillance video, sources say, you can see the killer firing his assault rifle and systematically executing victims. one source familiar with the investigation tells abc news the video shows omar mateen walking through the rooms, mowing people down, cold blooded. a relentless assassin, reloading his weapon more than once. david, this video is critical because it gives a precise time line and shows so much of what actually happened. again just tragic. david. >> pierre, thank you. we are also learning more this evening about omar mateen and the laser focus this evening on his wife. we have also learned the gunman signed over his interest on a home he co-owned with his father, just two months before the massacre, taking his name
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off the title for a mere $100. sources also telling abc news that mateen and his wife exchanged text messages during the rampage. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: her family tonight says omar mateen's wife noor became a stranger to them once she got married. they say she is now telling them mateen beat her, just as his first wife, sitora, says she was treated. >> he wouldn't allow me to speak to my family. he would beat me as i tried to call them. >> reporter: and now the fbi is investigating whether mateen's current wife was somehow involved in or knew about the attack. recovering a brief text message they exchanged as it was happening, as she was apparently unaware of where he was. did you see the news, he asked. and then messages between the two, i love you. >> every mass murder is premeditated. she lived with him. she knows something. >> reporter: one of the many questions she can answer, why just two months ago mateen signed over his interest in a
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home he co-owned with his father, for a mere $100. noor was one of the witnesses. and investigators want to know what she knew about the emerging contradictions of mateen's life, his secret life. as he filled out his application for a police academy just last year, mateen wrote that his parents told him to appreciate the blessings of being raised in a safe country and society. i want to pursue a career in public safety. i want the streets to be safe for my son, the way it was safe for me growing up. >> and brian, back with us tonight. it was last night here, you reported on the florida gun store that said it called the fbi weeks ago about a suspicious man that they now believe was omar mateen. the fbi responding to that tonight saying they did get back to the store. >> the owner claimed they never checked in. but the fbi strongly disputes the store owner's account. but they did go to the store but there was not enough information
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to conduct what they call any meaningful investigative follow-up. >> two different accounts of the story. thank you. there are also new developments after the deadly alligator attack at disney world. the autopsy results revealed more about the death of 2-year-old lane graves today. disney keeping its beaches closed and today installing temporary barriers and new signs going up, warning of alligators. abc's gio benitez is in orlando. >> reporter: tonight, barriers going up at disney's grand floridian resort. workers blocking access to the same beach where 2-year-old lane graves was killed by an alligator. disney now saying, "we are installing signage and temporary barriers at our resort beach locations and are working on permanent, long-term solutions at our beaches. we are reinforcing training with our cast for reporting sightings and interactions with wildlife and are expanding our communication to guests on this topic." and our first look at those signs guests will see, warning of alligators. autopsy results show little lane died of drowning and traumatic injury, after he was grabbed by
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an alligator in ankle-deep water. the animals can lunge at 20 to 30 miles per hour. >> in the blink of an eye that gator's from the water to its prey grabbing it and pulling it back in. i mean, in just tenths of a seconds. >> reporter: and experts warn tonight that tourists feeding alligators can make them more aggressive toward other guests at the resort. >> as a matter of fact, in the state of florida, it's against the law to feed wild alligators. because they are very easily trained. it's not as common knowledge but alligators can be trained to come to food. >> reporter: tonight back in nebraska, family and friends of the graves family offering support with prayers and blue ribbons. >> as a neighborhood we hope they just feel the love basically, of how much we care about them. >> reporter: tonight, i'm told disney will be putting up the alligator warning signs. around the rest of the property very soon. they're still trying to decide if they'll ever open those beaches again. david? >> thank you. there are new terms for the race for president tonight in this week as the
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country comes together for the victims of the orlando terror. donald trump now declaring he would be better than hillary clinton when it comes to supporting the lbgt community. abc's jonathan karl tonight with hillary clinton's one word response. and trump suggesting he would pick oprah as a vp. if he ran. so what is she saying tonight now that he is running? >> reporter: in the wake of the massacre, donald trump is portraying himself as a staunch supporter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. >> lgbt is starting to like donald trump very much lately. i will tell you. >> reporter: he says he is a stronger ally to the gay community than hillary clinton because the clinton foundation has taken millions of dollars in donations from countries like saudi arabia, a country that prosecutes gays. >> saudi arabia, they throw gays off buildings. countries that contribute to her foundations. >> reporter: trump says he could
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take on anti-gay terrorists. hillary clinton retweeting a quote of trump's, you tell me who is better for the gay community and who is better for women than donald trump? hillary clinton responding, hi. >> oprah would be great. >> reporter: he may have been joking. jimmy kimmel asked him about it. >> he would like to you be his running mate. >> i think he was joking about that. >> i don't think he was joking. >> i think he was. but okay. >> has he contacted you? >> have not gotten the call. >> if he did make the call, would you take the call? >> i would say, donald, i'm with her. >> oh, i see. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: what about oprah for president. >> for many years, i used to think, until this election year, i thought, why do people say that? i have no qualifications to run. i'm feeling pretty qualified. >> reporter: when it comes to gay rights, it's hillary clinton who supports gay marriage, not donald trump. even so, there is little doubt,
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david, that trump is the most pro gay rights republican candidate we have ever seen. >> jon karl with us tonight, thanks, jon. overseas and the history making ruling concerning russia and the olympics. the entire russia track and field team barred today from competing in the summer games in rio because of a widespread doping scandal. president putin calling it unjust and unfair. how many medals did russia win over the americans last time? here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time in olympic history, a country's entire track and field team has been banned from the summer games. in a stunning rebuke of russia for its ongoing doping scandal, the world governing body for athletics, the iaaf, voted to ban all russian track and field athletes. >> finally, we have an international sports federation that is just saying enough. you cannot cheat and get away with it. >> reporter: in a blistering
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300-page report released last fall, the world anti-doping agency found that russia committed 225 violations, the highest in the world. >> this is just a confirmation of russia's demise as a world power in sports. >> reporter: russia denies it engages in systemic doping. this is a big hit for the russians who won 18 medals in track and field at the london games. two of those medals were stripped from its dominant women's 800 meters team in london last year. too late for runner alysia montano. is it possible to rid the sport of cheating and doping? >> i hope so. i hope this is a lesson to the athletes that choose to do wrong and to steal from other athletes that are doing it right. >> reporter: david, that track and field body says russia even refuses to accept it has a doping problem. case in point, one russian sprinter we spoke to says she didn't understand why all athletes aren't allowed to dope. david?
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>> matt gutman, thank you. the famous singer collapsing on stage. falling to the ground in the middle of a packed concert performance. fans were stunned as a team rushed to the stage. we have much more on this. also, this explosive moment inside this walmart. what ignited an entire aisle. and america strong tonight. we needed this story this week. a father's day surprise. inside the bumble bee, they hadn't seen their father in months. he's home. we'll be right back. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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5:47 pm
fans capturing the moment the 68-year-old drops the microphone and falls to the ground. >> you always fear the worst when you see something like that. >> reporter: some in the crowd confused. one posting, "i'm not sure if meatloaf is acting or if he actually collapsed on stage." other fans saying later there were warning signs. >> the whole concert he was shaking. he barely sang. >> reporter: today a statement on his facebook page blaming severe dehydration, saying the singer "is expecting a speedy and full recovery." david, meat loaf canceled two shows in the last week due to illness. tonight, he is out of the hospital and planning to reschedule those shows, david. >> glad to hear he is recovering. all right, evan, thanks. when we come back, "the voice" contestant killed in orlando one week ago, remembered tonight. also, look at this frightening scene in this walmart. what ignited an entire aisle? they are searching who did this. and millions watching this dangerous moment on a soccer field today. we'll be right back.
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to the index of other news tonight. and a public memorial service this evening for "the voice" contestant christina grimmie. family and friends gathering tonight in her new jersey hometown to celebrate the singer who was shot at a concert one week ago. she was buried in a private ceremony thursday paid for by adam levine, her vocal coach on "the voice." she was popular for covering songs like this one from adele. ♪ hello from the other side her songs on youtube seen by millions. authorities in arizona searching for three suspects they say set off fireworks inside a phoenix walmart. this cell phone video shows the frightening moment the fireworks display went up in flames. surveillance video showing three suspects leaving the scene. the store might remain closed for days. >>. >> france tonight where a soccer
5:52 pm
match was delayed after several flares were thrown on the field. the czech republic and croatia battling. croatian fans throwing the flares. look at this. one of them nearly igniting in a worker's face. the game ended in a 2-2 draw. the fans could be penalized for their behavior. an america strong tonight. we love this today. a father on his fourth deployment overseas with an emotional surprise at home. the children at school, in a virginia elementary school. the bumble bee is there. and the bumble bee takes off the costume. and the two boys, they're stunned. it was their dad. and he said, where's my hug? they gladly gave one. we needed that this week. when we come back here on a friday night, the heroes who are our persons of the week.
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and finally tonight here, our persons of the week. when those gun shots began in that orlando night club, there were survivors who got out but they stayed right there. they didn't run. they stayed to lift victims off the ground and into trucks to be raced to the hospital. and there were the doctors and nurses waiting who had been told, this is not a drill. what they did to save so many. our persons of the week. tonight, the man who drove more than 1,200 miles from illinois with 49 handmade crosses to honor the victims of orlando. there are so many quiet heros this week. emt julio sogato jr., among the
5:57 pm
first on the scene, he told us about the young man he found, a victim and the question that young man asked him. what did he say? >> he asked me if he was going to be okay. and i tried to reassure him. >> how hard is that? >> it's very hard. because they seemed to helpless. and it's just like -- you know. there's only so much we can do on the road. you know. >> there were the doctors and nurses who did not stop for days. surgeon joshua langford and the question he so often heard, will we walk again? will we be the same again? >> that is a hard question to answer. you don't want to lie. what you can be reassured of, they will have everything possible done to make them as whole as we can possibly make them. >> there was the survivor who
5:58 pm
spoke at the hospital this week, angel colon, and the officer who saved him. >> i'm grateful for him. he looked at me, and he makes sure i'm alive. and he grabs me hand. and he says this is the only way i can take you out. >> and tonight, look who walked in his hospital room. >> how you doing, angel? >> i'm good. >> officer omar delgado. and he was the one asking for something. >> i need a big hug from you. he grabbed me and he didn't want to let go. you can tell when they hug and you want to squeeze you. that was his appreciation. >> so we choose all of those quiet heros in orlando. thank you for watching on what's been a very difficult week. i'm david muir. hope to see you monday. good night.
5:59 pm
each of these three men has been the chief of oakland's police department within the last eight days. we're leshing -- learning a fourth person is taking over the job. >> the resolving door of chiefs comes as the department finds itself in the middle of sex scandals with multiple officers. >> reporter: hi, dan. another stunning development here in oakland. we have learned within the past hour that the most recent acting chief is out now, after just two days after replacing ben farrow, just two days ago. we learned if sources that figueroa removed himself from the position, we understand, for personal reasons and we're told by the sources that now city
6:00 pm
administrator sabrina landren will be in charge on a temporary basis. earlier today we saw protests. with the oakland police department embroiled in a scandal, a banner demonstrated their concerns. >> their demands are to accuse, charge, convict and jail not only people engaged in statutory rape with this young woman, but anybody who knew bit. >> whatever going on needs to be flushed out now to make good assess manies about what caused the problems. >> this a day after the mayor announced a new investigation into the department, unrelated to the sex scandal. abc7 news learned it involved homicide


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